CEU Culture Hub- New name, new visual identity

November 4, 2020

Let us introduce you to the Central European University Culture Hub - former Center for Arts and Culture. Inspired by the new setting, we embrace a new visual identity and name. Yet our team is still dedicated to bringing a wide array of cutting-edge, thought-provoking, and fun in-house events to CEU. Moving to Vienna, Culture Hub is on the mission to connect with the new city, local independent artists, festivals, communities, and cultural institutions. The 10th district - Favoriten, will become our new home and a special dimension of our work. We will also continue our activity to engage the university’s Budapest campus. If you are creative and have ideas on how to use the joint power of arts and academia in creating a more inclusive and open society or reach out to new communities, institutions and individuals - simply get in touch! We are here to empower our students, spotlight, and showcase YOUR ideas - GET INVOLVED! Follow us on our new Instagram page @ceuculturehub and on our Facebook page for regular updates about our projects and opportunities.