Trivia/Quiz Night- December 10

December 7, 2020

This Thursday, Dec. 10th  will be week 6 of our virtual pub-style trivia night, and we hope you’ll join us! Feel free to invite your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, pets--more participants means more folks spending their evening socially distanced, and more potential donations to charity! We'll be streaming again live at 20:45 CET from Vienna in English and German at the following link:

If you’re joining us for the first time, here are the basics:

There’s no limit to how many can participate, so feel free to form teams--either in person with your housemates or virtually via FaceTime/WhatsApp/Whatever--only two rules apply:

1. Please observe all local recommendations concerning social distancing, isolation, and/or quarantine; and 

2. No looking stuff up online (that just ruins the fun).

Participation is free with a suggested per-person (tax-deductible!) donation of $5/€5 to charity. As always, the grand prize for the evening’s winner is some advertisement for the charitable organization of their choice. Last week's winners are "Smartinis”. Their chosen charity is Wiener Tafel, an organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity through recovery of ingredients that would otherwise go to waste from stores and restaurants, providing hot meals on a daily basis, and supplying families with goods for their pantry.

If you enjoyed the quiz this evening, please consider donating.

We’ll explain how the evening works when we get started at 20:45, but here’s the rough idea:

- A picture round with 10 images will be posted at a link below the video stream; you’ve got the whole quiz to finish it and can phone a friend (audio only) for help.

- You’ll be asked to provide your team name via a second link—this is so we can anonymously pick which team(s) receive an extra point for best team name.

- The quiz consists of 25 questions; we’ll read through and display a new one every 2 - 3 minutes or so. If you join late or miss a question, just scroll back through the YouTube video to review the footage or let us know in the chat feed.

- Once we’re all finished, we’ll go through each question to give you the correct answers. You’ll tally your own scores and enter the total point count into a form available through the third link below the video.

- Once everyone has submitted, we’ll announce the evening’s winner and give some air time to their chosen charity (as well as posting it below the video, which will remain available to view).

 Looking forward to seeing you (online)!

If you have any interesting trivia questions or music contributions you would like to share, please use the link below.

Gretl & Dieter