#CEUInspired Campaign Volume Nr.2

February 23, 2021

The Community Engagement Office at CEU invites all CEU members to a creative contest dedicated to the topic of


All the challenges from the last year from pandemics to wildfires, pro-democracy protests in various countries to natural disasters, financial market crashes to the BLM protests, man-made disasters like the Beirut explosion to farmer’s protests in India, new political divides and security threats to migration crises, our considerations of risk have grown from a societal to national to regional to global levels. In view of these challenges contemporary societies require a “broad” or “general” concept of resilience which is trans-disciplinary and applicable to multiple contexts. Resilience has been interpreted as the ability of a system to manage crises with its own sources and in turn to even exploit them for self-developing and self-improving purposes.   

Use any of the two mentioned mediums below to highlight “what makes a society and individual resilient”? A highly resilient society needs synergies among technical good practices, social protection, efficient natural resource management, adaptive governance, just institutions, politically active citizens. Show us with visuals and your ideas how local culture can play an important part in rebuilding a sense of community after a disaster, or maybe how your local communities have developed climate resilient agriculture. Let us know how work on mental health reaps benefits as a resilient society etc.  

Winning works will be selected for the online exhibition and special prizes sponsored by CEU.  


All CEU members are invited to take part in the #CEUInspired Campaign Volume Nr.2.

Please post your works, artworks, videos on social networks channels like Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo using hashtag #CEUInspired, to share your creations with the community online.  

If you would also like to take part in the contest submit your best work to be considered for the contest, please send an email to communityengagement@ceu.edu indicating the following information  

  • Email Subject – CEUInspired Campaign Volume Nr. 2 - (category)  
  • Your name and surname  
  • Your affiliation to CEU 
  • The title of your work  
  • Not more than 100 words brief description about your work and/or its motivation.  
  • The link to the post with your work on social networks (optional)  

One participant can send only one nomination per category.   

From February 23 to March 31, 2021 (inclusive) participants can send their works in the following categories:  

  • Photo Essays  
  • Writing- prose/poetry 

Please adhere to the contest guidelines and specifications of work submitted to be considered.  

Specifications for submissions:  

Photo Essays/Writing:  

Compose your Photo Essays in a neat, formatted document (file format - .doc)  

  • Images within documents: 3-5 photographs with the above Image based submissions specifications as below. 
  • File size – Try to keep the overall attachment sizes below 15MB  
  • Compressed files will not be accepted due to security reasons 

Image based submissions:  

  • Accepted file formats are JPEG and PNG, but JPG is preferred.  
  • sRGB or Adobe RGB color mode is preferred.  
  • Sufficiently High Resolution - must be at least 1024 x 768 pixels  
  • File size must be at least 2MB but should not exceed 10MB per file  

Writing Submissions: 

  • It can be in any form poetry/prose and should not exceed 500 words 

The contest is open till March 31 following which all works will be posted online (CEU’s website, SharePoint) for the community to vote until April 18. Three of the top voted submissions will be eligible to decide the theme of a workshop organized by CEU Community Engagement Office- Culture Hub- in which they would like to participate.  

All shortlisted works will be featured on CEU's online platforms and be part of a physical exhibit in Vienna. 

In case you have questions concerning the contest and/or campaign, please contact communityengagement@ceu.edu  

All work must be the original work of the individual sending them. By entering the competition, you grant Central European University a right to use your submitted works. You retain the copyright to your submissions.  


CEUInspired is an online campaign initiated during the lockdown phase to provide the CEU community with events and online workshops as constructive outlets. It aims to help our community combat isolation and encourage connection in this new reality. It is an attempt to capture the resilience, emotions, and spirit of our community through this period.