CEU Virtual Secret Santa Project

December 7, 2021

Join us for the second edition of CEU-wide virtual Secret Santa!
It is officially December - deadlines are approaching, but so are the holidays and festive season!
Since this semester has been challenging for the whole community and many opportunities for socialising had to be missed, the Alumni Scholarship Recipients (ASRs) decided to organise a virtual Secret Santa to reduce the feeling of isolation and bring joy through virtual cards! With this project we are aiming to connect CEU students, staff and faculty members of different departments!
Would you like to surprise another person from the CEU community with a virtual card and be surprised by one yourself? If you're interested, please sign up for the Secret Santa project in our registration form.
The content of the virtual card is up to you as long as it can be sent by e-mail (i.e. videos, poems, handwritten (and scanned) letters, movie/ book/music recommendations). Once you receive the name of that person you can start working on your card and send it via e-mail.
Registration ends on the 20th of December and shortly afterwards, on the 21st of December, names and guidelines will be sent out to you.
If you have further questions or
feedback, please feel free to e-mail us at secretsanta@ceu.edu.
Once you receive the name of your addressee feel free to start working on your present!

Your ASR Cohort 2021/22
(Please note that this a student initiative. The data provided on this registration form will be managed by the ASR Secret Santa Team only. With your participation in this project, you acknowledge that your data will be handed over to your Secret Santa pair who will contact you directly. All data provided on this registration form will be used during the Secret Santa project only and will be deleted by December 31, 2021)