What we offer

Applicants who may have had no academic experience beyond high school, and may not even have finished high school, are welcome to apply to our program.  Our courses are offered in English (and in German), and explore topics in various academic disciplines, such as history, literature, philosophy, art history, sociology, anthropology, political thought, and academic writing, in small discussion groups led by professors and teachers from the Central European University and surrounding institutions in Vienna.  Each year we explore a different theme that speaks to the problems and crises of our time, and indeed of all times.  In 2021 our theme will be ‘Freedom and Society’. 

Our courses are taught in the evening, from 6-8.30pm, and may involve academic excursions and extra-curricular activities at other times, including weekends.  No payment is required, all course materials are supplied, and childcare for students with young children is available*.  In 2021 our courses run for 11 weeks from mid April to the end of June, and students who complete their chosen courses will receive an academic certificate.  

*The availability of childcare will depend on the current Covid regulations at the start of the course. This means that we might not be able to offer childcare due to such regulations.