Science Shop

What is science shop? 

Science shop provides independent research support in response to concerns experienced by civil society. It is a demand-driven and bottom-up approach to research. Science shop works with community organizations who need data and better understanding of issues at hand that can be obtained through research, and with students who are interested to carry out a project as part of their study, seeking to make a match between the two. The system aims to close the gap between academic disciplines and practice, through solving real-life problems. 

Science shop is a methodology combining research, learning and civic engagement in a balanced and efficient way, making higher education resources accessible to a wider audience. 

The multistakeholder cooperation among faculty, students and community organisations is ideally based on the motivation of learning from each other, and co-creating knowledge that would not be created without the diverse experience and perspectives of those involved. Academic knowledge and field knowledge are treated as equal. 

OSUN Science Shop 

EHU ( and CEU runs a two-year pilot program in Austria, Belarus, Hungary and Lithuania, supported by the Open Society University Network (OSUN), commencing with August 1st, 2021. The project focuses on stimulating engaged and experiental learning through student projects, embedded in course curricula. 


The programme is under development, we update this site with more information later in September 2021. In the meantime, please get in touch with us via email. 

Andras Martoni
Science Shop manager
Community Engagement Office
Address: Quellenstrasse 51 Room A606 | 1100 Vienna | Austria