The Activist

“The Activist” is a human rights journal that has been published on an annual basis by HRSI since 2002.

The Activist is an entirely student—led project, supervised by HRSI Staff. CEU students are directly involved in all stages of the publication: submitting articles, reviewing, selecting, editing, proofreading, and publishing.

The Activist has primarily two aims:

- To offer students an opportunity to publish their work and to raise awareness of human rights-related issues;

- To give students the opportunity to practice their editing, design, proofreading, and other skills related to publishing.


Submissions might concern, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Environment and Human Rights

Gender and Human Rights

Arts and Human Rights

Health and Human Rights

Human Rights in Policy

Ethics and Human Rights

Current Affairs



If you are interested in getting your WORK published, please write an email to by Monday 25th February and include the title and an abstract of the article / a short description of the photograph(s) that you would like to contribute to the journal in your email. Abstracts for articles should be 250-300 words in length. Please note that while you can submit more than one abstracts, in general we can only feature one article per author in the final publication. Selected contributors will be informed separately later about details on the submission of full articles. Articles should be approximately 900 words in length. The Activist is not an academic journal per se, so you can also send abstracts for opinion-style articles. In any case, sources should be cited.

You can find the previous issues of The Activist below.