CEU Festival- Call for interactive workshops

July 30, 2019

Do you have creative game or workshop ideas which can introduce to the general public
the work you are doing at the university? Do you want to show some traditional games that you used to play as a child?
Would you like to design a new game and you would like to try it with CEU friends?

The CEU Community Engagement Office welcomes applications for games and interactive workshops for the CEU Festival taking place on Saturday, 14 September, 2019 at CEU. 

You can contribute with proposed games in various genres and connected to any topic of your interests (music, dance, arts and craft or interesting experiments connected to your research etc).
They can either invite a group of people to participate in a given period of time or they could also be ongoing games that challenge visitors coming to the festival. Interactive workshops will run during the entire day in the Atrium, lower foyer and in classrooms of CEU.

The language of your activity can be either English or Hungarian. 

Please apply to communityengagement@ceu.edu by August 31 with a short description of your proposed game or interactive workshop including the aim, concept, schedule and possible CEU location of the games.