CEU Festival Draws 350-strong Crowd

September 17, 2019

The very first CEU Festival, held by the CEU Community Engagement Office, attracted over 350 people on Saturday, September 14.
The event started with an urban scavenger hunt to explore Budapest. Participants had fun on the street and discovered the secret stories of the city on their way from the CEU Residence Center to the campus on Nador street. Meanwhile in the Atrium visitors could learn how to make holograms, or print their T-shirt with Ghanaian symbols. At the same time, a CEU climate researcher, a famous poet and slam poetry came together on one stage in the Auditorium. For those who wanted to listen to music and dance, Romungro, a band playing traditional Roma music with experimental elements, provided the beats. On the rooftop many enjoyed the good weather with a relaxing yoga session followed by Platon Karataev Duo’s indiefolk music that captured the hearts of the audience with sensitive, sincere and hit-sensitive songs. The event ended on the rooftop with a short film showcase, documentaries made by CEU students.