Donate your used laptop, tablet, smart phone to a child in need

April 27, 2020

Working laptops, tablets, smart phones urgently needed to support children in need at Nyitott Ajtó Baptista Általános Iskola (Open Door Baptist Elementary School) in Miskols. 

This elementary school is in the outskirts of the city of Miskolc, earlier known for its steel industry. After the closure of the factory (Diósgyőri Acélművek) most of the workers became unemployed. They live with their families in poor housing conditions in deep poverty. Most of the children attending the Open Door school, run by the Baptist Church, are ethnically Roma. Some of the children live in Lyukó valley, outside of Miskolc city, which is one of the poorest settlements of Hungary, with limited electricity and no running water.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, the Open Door school is trying to engage its more than 200 students in distant education. However, lack of electronic devices in the families (smart phones, tablets or computers) makes this task extremely difficult.

If you have an item to donate please get in touch with us at