CEU Inspired Campaign Volume Nr. 2- "Watching the News All Day" by Amelia Gorman

April 21, 2021

Amelia Gorman, BA in Culture, Politics and Society
"I wrote this poem after the January 6th Capitol riot. I was completely overwhelmed and upset about what had happened. It felt like the culmination of a terrible year, but it taught me how to hang on to those things that make me brave, even when the world feels like it is ending."


okay, so. 
if I had to explain this to you
I don’t know if I could. 

I didn’t know I was being brave. 

he told me later that I was
treated me like some shining muse
when all I did 
was make a grocery list and cry 
and then watch the news
for the rest of the day. 

I honestly thought the world was ending. 

I’m aware that sounds funny now
now that everything has gone on, 
business as unusual. 
I said that it was 
the beginning of life as we don’t know it. 
while he seemed slightly amused, 
he didn’t laugh. 

and here I am, glued to the news all day. 

I never did make it to the grocery store. 

there were people
trampling upon ground made sacred
by our youthful touch 
our ground
it was so tarnished on that day, 
some little part of me died
with each unholy footstep

that so easily fell upon once
(and still) 
invaluable floors. 
all I could do was think about all the things 
I would buy at the grocery store
and then cry when the thought occurred 
that I might never make it there. 

still, he called me brave. 
do you understand why it’s really hard 
to explain this to you?

I just want to hang on to my youth 
my child’s touch that made my favorite place
so venerable
the sacred touch that was 
all but lost

on the day I couldn’t stop watching the news
the day I remembered my own 
tarnished significance to the world
the day he called me brave.

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