Call for NGOs

English text  CEU combines teaching with the support of NGOs  

If your organization has a request / question, we offer you the volunteer work of students and lecturers to answer that, as part of a university semester course. The cooperation is free of charge, there is no cost involved.

We believe in the power of collaboration, working across sectors and outside the everyday “silos”, to learn and engage, with the ultimate goal to make a positive impact in the world. Our drive is to make better use of the knowledge and capacity of the university by supporting your work, and at the same time, give students a chance to do good through their studies.
In order for you to participate, please fill in the online form below.

As CEU is an international university in the social sciences and humanities, we generally use English as the language of cooperation but if your request requires German language, we do our best to accommodate.

Based on the location of CEU, as a priority we focus on Austrian NGOs. 

Check out our brochure in PDF icon English orPDF icon German, and have a deeper look at the diverse course projects, internships and a thesis work that the program facilitated in its first year on CEU.


German text  Die Central European University bietet Kooperation mit NGOs als Teil des Hochschulunterrichts an

Unser Ziel ist es, das Wissen und die Kapazitäten der Universität optimal zu nutzen, indem wir die Arbeit von NGOs unterstützen und gleichzeitig Studierenden die Möglichkeit geben, durch ihr Studium Sinnvolles in die Praxis umzusetzen.

Bei Interesse Ihrer Organisation bieten wir an, dass Studierenden und Dozent*innen gemeinsam mit Ihnen im Rahmen einer Kooperation eine  für Ihre Organisation interessante Fragestellung oder ein Thema bearbeiten (z.B. Recherchen, eine Focus Gruppe, ein Videoprojekt etc.).
Damit Ihre NGO an unserem Angebot teilnehmen kann, füllen Sie bitte das untenstehende Formular aus und wir kontaktieren Sie, um Ihre Anfrage mit einem Kurs, Praktikum oder einer Abschlussarbeit zusammenzubringen. Für Ihre Organisation entstehen keine externen Kosten, wir können Ihnen jedoch auch keine Rückvergütung für Ihren Aufwand geben.
Die CEU ist eine internationale Universität mit Schwerpunkten in Sozial- und Geisteswissenschaften, daher ist Englisch unsere Arbeitssprache, wir versuchen aber die Zusammenarbeit soweit möglich bilingual oder in Deutsch anzubieten.  Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Verständnis. Alle weiteren Informationen über unser Angebot sind bisher ausschließlich auf Englisch verfügbar.

Aufgrund des Standortes unserer Universität konzentrieren wir uns vorrangig auf österreichische NGOs.

Lesen Sie unsere PDF icon Broschüre, um mehr über die vom Science Shop betreute Kursprojekte, Praktika und Abschlussarbeiten zu erfahren, die im vorigen Jahr an der CEU im Rahmen dieses Programms ermöglicht wurden.



Course: Deliberative Democracy in Action (January – April)

The course organizes and facilitates a deliberative (interactive debate) process on a controversial issue of your choice. Students invite experts, measure impact and arrange related organizational tasks (design questionnaire, administer it, moderate, create info-brochure, …)

Example: resident groups in your neighbourhood are arguing on something. A moderated process to discuss the conflicting views may help to reach consensus.


Internship project: International Human Rights (January – April)

The Internship Project originated from the need of CEU Human Rights students to gain hands-on experience in the practical protection of human rights and NGO management


Course: Documentary (film) for Social Change (January – April)

Students produce short advocacy film on the idea or topic that you request. Altogether ca. 6-7 films will be produced.

Example: I work in drug prevention and would like to tell a story to reach a new audience.


Capstone project in Data analysis or Finance (February – June)

In their final semester, business students put all their capacities into solving an applied research question in the field of Data science / data analysis or Finance.

 Example 1: I have a large evaluation database and I would like to know how to get more insights from the data.

Example 2: We need to create many different financial reports for the various donors. How can I use one report to serve all of them?


CEU Student Think Tank (continuous)

Students aim to support non-profit community partners with practice-oriented research papers that can inform your work for greater positive impact.

See: CEU Student Think Tank | Community Engagement

Example: I would like to know more of other countries’ housing and energy policies to fight the current crisis at home.


Gender studies – Applied track

Share your idea how you’d like to work together with students of Gender Studies in an applied project.


Course: Narrative Writing (April – June)

PhD course in Sociology and Social Anthropology with a focus on helping students (re)present their social science research in writing through the mode of narratives (stories). Organizations that deal with social issue-migration, homelessness, poverty and so on would benefit by having interested students writing up a story-based narrative on one of their case studies. Alternatively, the professor can also conduct an interactive workshop with students on using 'Stories' to create awareness about social issues.


Please submit your request through this

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We take it as a sign of your interest, it does not bear any obligation for you to cooperate. Once your request comes through, we put you in contact with the lecturer. All details of the collaboration will be discussed and agreed on mutually during the “partnership facilitation” phase. You are welcome to submit multiple requests, in this case, please fill in a separate form for each request.


If you have any questions about the call, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Andras Martoni (he/him/his) and Eduard Lezcano (he/him/his)


For you as an NGO or community group, the Science Shop can give you access to the educational and research activities on CEU. We are open to other forms of cooperation also, please contact us at your convenience.