'Hate Speech' Monologues

'Hate Speech' Monologues was invented and has been conceived and directed by free speech scholar and performer Peter Molnar and performed by the CEU students, alumni, and Molnar himself. Initially an optional part of Molnar's course "Enabling Policies for Responding to 'Hate Speech' in Practice" during the Fall of 2012, the 'Hate Speech' Monologues has become a tradition at CEU, with main yearly performances in March 2013March 2014March 2015, and March 2016 and with orientation week performances since September 2013 to welcome the incoming students with a participatory theater to raise awareness to 'hate speech' and prejudice. The Hate Speech Monologues has been supported by the Student Union since 2014 and by the CEU Humanities Project since 2016.

The 'Hate Speech' Monologues, as a participatory theatrical performance, is one of the few artistic and conversational platforms at CEU where students are reflecting on prejudices and discrimination that they engage personally and academically. With the insights and sensibilities of the theater, poetry, storytelling, music and following discussions, the 'Hate Speech' Monologues has inspired the students to reflect on their own cultural heritage and experiences, and enriched their studies at CEU. Building on the exceptional diversity at CEU, the 'Hate Speech' Monologues aims to strengthen the human connections and mutual respect in the CEU community since its three and half years of history.

CEU Events:

Conversation with Performers of "Hate Speech" Monologues. Short Surprise Performances!
June 16, 2016

Exhibition of Pictures and Texts from the March 2016 "Hate Speech" Monologues
May 11, 2016

The Damages of Anti-Gypsyism and Tools for Improved Responses
March 17, 2016

Dehumanization: New approaches to understanding the politics of human nature
April 6, 2016