In order to provide more help to students of the Central European University, the Human RightS Initiative aims to collect a number of different internship opportunities which allow focusing on human rights issues. Here, we only publish the most important information related to available positions, in case you have any questions, you should always contact the relevant organization.

Note that in a few cases, Hungarian may be required, although we try to gather as many opportunities as possible. Furthermore, most internship positions are unfortunately unpaid but we encourage you to ask about possible financial support from your department or from other possible sources.

Organizations which accept applications on an ONGOING BASIS:


The European Centre for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL), located in Budapest,

is offering internship positions on an ongoing basis for students who are interested to develop their knowledge and skills in not-for-profit laws, policies and civil society development. If you are interested, send your CV together with a motivation letter indicating the preferred timeframe of the internship to 



The International Centre for Democratic Transition (ICDT), located in Budapest. Fluency in English is required, knowledge of other languages is an asset.  In case interested, you should send an email with a Cover Letter and a CV to internship@icdt.huFor a detailed description, see check here



The Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (ICRP), located in Budapest, is regularly looking for applicants for internship positions. Main tasks include assisting research, event planning and development and writing/editing articles. You can apply by sending a CV and a Cover Letter,  along with indicating when you would be available and at least one area of tasks which you prefer. Voluntary internships last five weeks and are unpaid. For further information, check out the website and write to 



Amnesty International Hungary, located in Budapest, is regularly looking for translators.  Hungarian is required for this position. The organization needs active, reliable volunteers who are also confident when it comes to legal and human rights terms. Prior experience in proof-reading, translating is an asset. If interested, write to Zsófia Grunzó at



The Budapest Centre for International Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities accepts internship applications and voluntary candidatures for Associate Researchers.  Internships are unpaid, non-residential positions are also available occasionally in which case the intern will keep in touch with the supervisor through telecommuting and report periodically. To apply, a resume and a cover letter should be sent to For the Associate Researcher position, you will need to send a detailed CV and a cover letter to the same email address. All details can be found here



Different departments of the UNHCR in both Geneva and Budapest are accepting  internship applications throughout the year for positions typically lasting 2 to 6 months and focus on refugee protection, international relations, administration and public affairs. Applications must be submitted through an online application link, available here. For further information, see the organization's website 



The Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), located in Berlin, is offering full-time, unpaid, 3-month long internships. Good English is essential and other languages, especially German and  Spanish are an asset. Extension is possible and in that case, the intern will receive a scholarship for the extended period. Tasks include assisting research, helping with conference planning as well as media, PR and press-related matters. For more information, check here where you will find the online application form below.



The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), located in Flensburg, is accepting  internships throughout the year. Accepted applicants may participate in research and administration of ongoing projects and also on an own research project. Positions are generally full-time and unpaid, but it is possible to agree on a part-time schedule depending on supervisor, and financial support may be possible through the Flensburg Stadt Fellowship. For details, see here



The Democratic Progress Institute (DPI), based in London,  offer four types of internships throughout the year: general, legal, development and operations. Positions usually last for three months, the minimum weekly commitment is 3 days. To apply, send your CV and cover letter here indicating which type of internship you are looking for in the subject.



The International Criminal Court (ICC), based in the Hague, regularly  accepts interns to assist the staff of the court in discharging their duties. The work is generally comparable to the work of the upper general service category or junior professional level. The institution also offers placements for visiting professionals that is candidates who have an extensive academic and/or professional experience in an area of work relevant to or related to the Court. For more information, see here



The International Court of Justice (ICJ), based in the Hague,  offers internships of one-to-three months to students or young professionals in the early stages of their carriers. Placements are few in number, but are possible in any department and division. The working languages of the court are English and French. For more information and to access the online application form, see here