Theme: Mentoring & Preparation Programs

English Tutoring Program for Dr. Ambedkar School students 

The main goal of the project is tutoring Roma senior high school pupils to learn english and to prepare and help enable them to apply for further studies. 

The program is initiated by the Department of Mathematics and supported by Civic Engagement Office, Roma Access Program and HRSI. 

Contact: Karoly Boroczky, head of the Department of Mathematics 
Email: BoroczkyK@ceu.hu


I. Vegetable collection and distribution 

Since 2015, volunteers have been spending their Thursday afternoons collecting fruit and vegetable donations in the market of Wekerletelep. After collecting the donations, volunteers bring them to their partner families in the community. 

II. Saturday school kids mentoring 

Every weekend, eight children from different partner families spend an afternoon of fun with volunteers. Tutors don't need to know how to speak Hungarian, and English is taught using games and other interactive activities. The  goals of the program include improving the kids' self-confidence and their social skills. This creates a cheerful, positive, and accepting space for the children in the community.

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us at civicengagement@ceu.edu