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The Socrates Project: Opening Education to Local Communities 

Call for Instructors 

Teach an evening course in your discipline to underprivileged adults in Spring 2021, in Vienna, Budapest, or Berlin, in English, German, or Hungarian 

The Socrates Project, a collaborative outreach program of Central European University (Budapest/Vienna) and Bard College (Berlin), is offering free evening courses in the humanities and social sciences to a non-traditional audience in Vienna, Budapest, and Berlin, during April, May, and June of 2021.

Based on the success of our 2019 Budapest pilot, we are expanding and looking for motivated instructors from any institution in Vienna to teach short evening course modules in humanities and social sciences to small groups of 10-20 people who have lacked educational opportunities in the past, for economic reasons or other hardships.  Our courses are entirely free of charge and are based on open and interactive seminar discussion, focusing on important texts and questions across disciplines.  By engaging creatively in the process of teaching students with diverse educational backgrounds, including students who may never have completed high school, our instructors can provide a transformative educational experience as evidenced by testimonials from past students.

In 2021 we will offer two multi-disciplinary courses taught in English and two in German in Vienna. Every course is 11 weeks long, consists of 2 consecutive modules and will be taught by 2 instructors from different disciplines. Every module is 6 weeks long. The last meeting of the first module is also the first meeting of the second module, so that instructors will teach together in one meeting. Every instructor will thus teach alone for 5 meetings and in a team for 1 meeting. 

In 2021 the first module of each course will be taught in the period 20 April to 27 May, while the second module will be taught in the period 25 May to 1 July.  Class meetings are planned to take place from 6-8:30pm once a week for each course.  Course participants may take the courses with writing credit or without writing credit; for students who have chosen to take with writing credit, course writing tutors will be provided to assist the students in preparing their writing assignments.

Instructors will be individually responsible for syllabus design but will collaborate with other instructors to design each course and the overall program, whose theme for 2021 is ‘Freedom and Society’.  Instructors from a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences are sought.  Classes should be taught based on open discussion of assigned texts, and we plan to offer sessions for instructors to discuss teaching methods and develop skills for teaching our classes.  Instructors should be prepared to engage with the project beyond the above teaching obligations, by making themselves available to course participants and attending events such as the welcoming and graduation ceremonies. 

If you are interested in teaching for us, you are invited to an Info Session on Friday 29th January at 12:30h. If you missed this Info Session, please get in touch with us via socrates@ceu.edu. We will organize an additional Info Session if there is a demand for it.

Link for the Info Session on Friday, 29th January, at 12:30h:

Meeting ID: 959 0713 4017  
Passcode: socrates 

COVID NOTICE:  Due to the need for our non-traditional courses to be taught in person, we reserve the right to change course dates as the pandemic situation develops.