Question and request of civil society organizations

These are the incoming questions and requests from our community partners (non-profit organization) for CEU students and faculty to pick up. 

Organization Question / request Status
SEEK Feminist Research Group SEEK's mission is to promote a culture of research collaboration and initiatives with diverse populations, particularly the refugees and migrants, to advocate for the inclusion of their voices in public perception and public policy.
We are looking for volunteer / unpaid intern to help out with managing our social media presence. The new team member will gain experience in media management and project management for social sector projects, with a particular focus on climate change, environment, public policy and gender.
Global2000 We work on projects to bring environmental-related expertise into the finance sector and the public, mainly under the umbrella term of "green financial literacy". The focus so far was education for youth. We are looking for ideas, contributions, collaborations in this field. Open
AFRIEUROTEXT AFRIEUROTEXT (NGO, bookstore and cultural association) has established itself as a committed and emerging player in the field of literature, culture, art and science in Austria/Europe. We are looking for part-time help in operational as well as project and event related support from an intern. Open
Radio Organge Vienna The radio program consists of spoken word broadcasts in 25 different languages and a diverse music program outside the mainstream. The editors of Free Radio work largely on a voluntary basis and address explosive topics that are rarely heard in the media landscape. Discourses relevant to civil society meet new, critical and diverse listeners in the public medium of radio.
We are looking for unpaid intern support for operational activities. Exact tasks to be discussed with and aligned to the interests of the intern.
SEEK Feminist Research Group SEEK's mission is to promote a culture of research collaboration and initiatives with diverse populations, particularly the refugees and migrants, to advocate for the inclusion of their voices in public perception and public policy.
Looking for volunteer / unpaid intern to help out with fundraising through writing proposals and reports. The team member will gain experience in project design for social sector, with particular focus on climate change, environment, public policy and gender.
WeDO5 - Association for female led impact organisations We are looking for research collaborations related to female led impact organizations. Our hypothesis is that women are driving the change towards sustainable companies - however, they are not heard of so much. Open
Flüchtlinge Wilkommen Qualitative Research on the benefits of co-housing for refugees regarding mechanisms of social inclusion Open
Flüchtlinge Wilkommen Research on our volunteers' motivation in the context of social movements and collective action Open
Teach for Austria Short Advocacy film about our READY program - our work in kindergarten. The kindergarten is the first step towards successful educational paths. Currently every third child in Austria does not have the skills required for a successful start in primary school. Open

Organization Question / request Status
KUPF - Kulturplattform Oberösterreich Even though the corona crisis is fading out, the numbers of visitors of cultural activities (be it events, museums, festivals or whatever) is on average still below the number before the corona crisis. This phenomenon is seen across the field, as well in state-run cultural institutions as in the independent art scene. At the moment there is a lot of debate going on for the reasons why and how the cultural field has to adapt, and this debate is sadly most often devoid of any qualitative and quantitative research. Why do people not come back to theaters and concert halls? Why do they stay at home? Is it really because they prefer netflix now? Or is the rising cost of living preventing people from spending for art and culture?
We would love to see some audience research towards these questions, which surely have to be refined in a
collaborative process.
Cromo Foundation We are working on an initiative on an education platform for youth (15-25). We develop this idea with the support of the SEIP program (, now at the stage of data collection on our possible target group, and on existing similar platforms. We would be happy to have some international members in our team to support the collection of information and to support building our users network, because as part of the design thinking process, we would like to gather, assess and test our future users. I would be happy to elaborate our idea in more depth in case it is worth sharing with the CEU students. Ongoing

Organization Question / request Status
Green African Youth Organization We would like to work with a CEU intern on climate change report in Africa in order to 1) assess the extent to which climate change reported in the media, 2) identify the trends in media reportage and 3) explore what factors influence the media’s attention. Closed
Flüchtlinge Wilkommen We have an opensource database from which we don't know how to create the statistics. We would need someone good with IT skills and interested in refugee topics to filter the data and create good statistics. Closed
Asylkoordination Österreich We would be interested in a detailed research on resettlement programmes in Europe, Canada and the USA. Within this topic, evacuation and reception programmes for Afghan refugees are an issue of special interest. Closed
Asylkoordination Österreich Research resettlement programs assigned to individuals mainly coming from Arabic-speaking countries, with a prime focus on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq (finding details about the criteria, how and where to apply, and the partners involved for each resettlement program). Closed
Teach for Austria Many of our partner schools, kindergartens and organisations are located in Favoriten. We would like to connect more with the local community and work towards lowering the NEET rate (not in employment, education or training) within the next 10 years, by connecting various organisations and initiatives.
When it comes to local youth and their parents, we would like to find out:
- What is their idea of good education and education equality?
- What knowledge do they have about the Austrian school systems and the possibilities after mandatory education?
- What are the main challenges with regards to further education for young people?
- What kind of support would they want in order to attain further education?
Our goal is to establish Favoriten as an "Showcase-District" where the collective impact of everyone who works towards educational equality becomes visible. 
Amnesty Austria We are highly interested in how to engage young people in human rights activities. Here are some more details questions we would like to answer: - What kind of activism does attract young people? - What role do they wanna play within human rights activism with amnesty? - What are the intersections btw. "youth" and human rights" in regards of communication, engagement and topics? Closed
Amnesty Hungary Research evaluation and impact assessment methods for the human rights education program Closed