Track Your Civic Engagement Hours

Why does recognition matter? 

Reward and recognition is a key way in which CEU can demonstrate to students, staff and faculty that the university genuinely values community engagement and civic commitment.  

How do we know about your community engagement efforts?  

In order to follow your contribution to community engagement, we have created the “Track your volunteer hours” system, where you can insert the number of hours you have committed to volunteering. (You can track your Civic Engagement hours here.)

 What can be listed as volunteer activity/hour?  

  • Direct Service  
  1. any volunteer work that includes direct action and service to the Hungarian and Austrian communities and its members 
  2. any volunteer work at CEU student events, promoted by the Community Engagement Office through or
  3. Direct Service - any volunteer work that includes direct action and service to the Hungarian and Austrian communities and its members, promoted by any CEU department or unit. 

  • Philanthropy and Giving at CEU premises - Participation in the hosting and/or planning of fundraising events and donation drives with the purpose of all proceeds being donated to address issue areas of social justice and community needs.  
  • Any activity, listed in the job description and contract of individuals are not eligible for tracking.  
  • Any activity, recognized by monetary remuneration are not eligible for tracking.  

 Please note, when you’re tracking your hours, that the time committed to preparation (e.g. in case of teaching/mentoring) or travelling (e.g. participating at an event farther to your residence) also should be considered and listed as volunteer hour.  


Why to track your volunteer hours? Rewarding and celebrating community engagement.  

At the end of the academic year, those, being the most active in volunteering, will be receiving a certificate at the Annual Provost’s award for community engagement.  

Criteria of receiving a certificate

If you have logged over 50 hours of volunteering into the “Track your hours” system throughout the academic year you’ll be receiving a certificate. 

Recognition levels: 

  • Bronze level certificate: 50-80 hours 
  • Silver level certificate: 80-120 hours 
  • Golden level certificate: 120 hours or more  

Additionally to receiving a certificate, your personal experience can also become a model and encourage others to volunteer.  

Please contact us in case of any questions, regarding the Tracking and recognition system at